The Stepsister

For the love of our unified family, we couldn’t forget our lovely stepsister. Boiled passion fruit and the finest vanilla pod gives her a natural sweetness. Pure vodka offers a clean finish that lingers well after the first sip.

The First Love

Who wouldn’t remember? This is our way of celebrating the first real butterflies. Fresh raspberry united with liquorice root and vodka makes her worth remembering.

The Black Sheep

A safe place of joy and pampering, in moments where no parents can determine the rules. Our unique mix of crisp blueberry and natural ginger, well-balanced with the finest dark rum makes this old man a true legend.

The Girl Next Door

The hot unattainable neighbour, we couldn’t stop stalking behind the safe windows. Fresh handpicked rhubarb, vanilla and gin finally give us an opportunity for a sip of her beauty.